Travelling Around Thessaloniki on Foot

Walking is probably the easiest way to get around. Thessaloniki can easily explored on foot, since it is possible to traverse the main locations in the city center within around half an hour, end-to-end.

To explore the city on foot, you may map your route using the interactive Pedestrian Routing of Thessaloniki’s Urban Mobility Center or visit our Sightseeing Walks section to gather all the necessary step by step information you need.

Guided Thessaloniki Walks

Undoubtedly, in a city of more than 2300 years of history, guided walks and tours are the perfect way to discover it. From introductions to the city’s history and architecture to gastronomical walks, qualified guides give you in-depth knowledge that will open up a whole new side of Thessaloniki to you. See below a list of recommended Thessaloniki walks.

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    A tasty tour made just for you…

    An original gastronomical experience, for those who want to understand Thessaloniki's traditional delicacies, and learn the tales hidden in them. You will have the chance to walk through the history of food that took place in the area of Thessaloniki, taste local food, and walk through some of the oldest food markets of Europe. More info...

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    Getting to know Thessaloniki...on foot!
    Strolling through the city's history and contemporary life.

    The inspiration for these walks came from the complexity of Thessaloniki's history. Each one represents either a time era, a cultural process or an urban feature palying an important role for the city's evolution or identity. More info...

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    Seize your day... walk with us!

    If you wear ... comfortable clothes and shoes! If you like ... to walk in a beautiful environment! If you have ... a camera and you want to get the 100%! If you are looking ... a journey into the past and to see from close Byzantine and Roman monuments! If you want ... to discover the "old" Thessaloniki by making a walk, away from buildings, cars, air horns, stress and hustle of the city! More info...

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     Thessaloniki Day Tours, with a local!

    Thessaloniki Urban Adventures exposes you to an area where holidays can be combined with culture, religion, cuisine and knowledge! Thessaloniki is one of the best places to visit not only for city breaks but also for longer holidays! And that is because Thessaloniki in not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the numerous Byzantine monuments, but it is also a beautiful modern European city full of life! Our Thessaloniki sightseeing tours provide you with a local insight into this majestic city. More info...

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    Walk the city with us!

    Discover the city of Thessaloniki, its history, its gastronomy, its people and their habits, its secrets and legends with the Thessaloniki Walking Tours team. We invite you to experience the authentic aspects of the city through well-designed theme walks specifically aimed at providing the information and the means to spend a fascinating day in the life of this 2 thousand year old city. More info...

Thessaloniki City Walks & Tours

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