50 of Thessaloniki’s schools go solar

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Thessaloniki photovoltaic installations

The Municipality of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece, announced recently they are going to install photovoltaic systems in the roofs of a total 50 municipal buildings. 48 of these buildings are public schools.

The project is technically designed by the Department of Architectural and Design Works, Municipality of Thessaloniki. However for its implementation, the Municipality of Thessaloniki is going to tender the project by public auction within the first months of 2013. The contractor will also be obliged to maintain and insure the installations for a period of three years after construction ends.

The Department of Architectural and Design Works confirmed with pv magazine that the total installed photovoltaic capacity of the project will be 490 kW. Roof installations at the 48 public schools will be 10 kW each, and a further 10 kW photovoltaic capacity will be installed at the roofs of another two municipal buildings (5 kW each).

According to the press release, the project has a total €1.65 million budget. The press office at the Municipality of Thessaloniki confirmed with pv magazine that “this is going to be fully funded by the Municipality.” Details of the project were approved by the Council of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in December 2012 and it is only the exact auction date that needs to be decided soon by the Municipality’s Finance Committee. After the tender is published in the press “construction companies can submit their bids,” the press office told pv magazine.

Andreas Kourakis, Thessaloniki’s Deputy Mayor responsible for the city’s urban planning, stated in the press release that “the Minicipality’s goal is double: protecting the environment and saving money.” The Municipality, Mr Kourakis added, will gain from the project an annual income of around €155 000.

Further to this, Mr Kourakis expressed via the press release his objection towards the FITs cuts introduced by the Greek Government last August. The Greek Government should provide more incentives for investing in RES he said. In terms of solar, the Deputy Mayor added that Greece having more sunshine than any other country in the European Union should develop this sector at an even faster rate.

Hellenic Petroleum installs photovoltaics at an extra two schools

An extra two public schools at the Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos, very close to the Municipality of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, have also had photovoltaic systems installed on their roofs. Completion of the project was announced last week.

This time the project was funded by the Hellenic Petroleum Ltd. under its corporate responsibility program. The project consists of two 10 kW roof installations each, the first at a primary school and the second at a high school of the municipality respectively.

Mayor Lafazanidis said the goal is to install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of more schools in the area because that way, “we protect the environment and also save money.”

Source: pv-magazine.com