54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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The 54th Thessaloniki International Film Festival kicked off on the first of November and it ends this week on the tenth.  From Iran to France, the festival features films from countries all over the world.

The festival shows films old and new to give the audience a wide array of choices.  Some of the movies date back to the mid 2000’s while others are making their debut on the silver screens of Thessaloniki.  Every single film being shown includes Greek subtitles but for tourists who come from outside Greek borders, the festival is perfect because in addition to the Greek Subtitles, there are also English ones.

The festival proves to be a platform for Greek filmmakers to get their art out into the public.  Eight of the feature films are done in Greece while there are also 17 more short films from Greek filmmakers. The festival also features some big name actors, many of which are in the film “Night Moves,” that has Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, and Peter Sarsgaard.  Some of the films are shown more than once so if you haven’t checked out the festival yet because you thought you missed a movie, check again!

It is impossible to miss the glass boxes all over downtown Thessaloniki and Aristotle Square, so if you haven’t seen a couple films yet, check a few out before it’s too late!


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