Coffee with a View: A Stroll around Thessaloniki’s Museum Cafes

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Terra Antiqua Thessaloniki

With stunning views, lush gardens and impressive architecture, Thessaloniki’s museum cafes do credit to both the city’s cultural wealth and café culture and constitute a destination of their own.

You can start with breakfast at the Terra Antiqua Café at the Archaeological Museum. Situated at the sculptures atrium and surrounded by plane trees, this charming café is a lush garden right at the centre of the city.For a truly Greek meal and academic encounters, don’t miss the café at the Tellogleion Foundation of Art, situated just above the Aristotle University. The café  boasts a stunning view, specializes in traditional cooking with DOP products at affordable prizes and … is the academic community’s favourite hangout.

After a rich meal, stroll down to the city’s magnificent port, which hosts the Photography Museum. There, surrounded by the immense photographic archive of the city’s past, you will find the Museum café, a real architectural gem with a view of the old harbour.

And just before you leave, one last stop on your way to the airport: Science and Technology Museum Noesis, a leading attraction in its field, boasts a brand new 162,000 sq.f building, which also houses the Planetarium Baresteau. Situated on the road to Halkidiki, this bar/restaurant enjoys a unique location, with an impressive veranda affording a panoramic view of the Thermaikos bay: the perfect spot for a last shot of the city.