Creative Walk

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Creative Walk Thessaloniki

CREATIVE WALK is a walk in the heart of the creative community of Thessaloniki, which aims to communicate to the city’s public the local creative production from the fields of visual, applied and performing arts.

On 15 & 16 December, starting at 12.00 up until 20.00 in the evening, creative spaces that are located in the city centre and specifically in the area surrounde by the streets Venizelou, N. Kountourioti, 28th October, Karaoli & Dimitriou and Olympou, will be open to the public.

More than 60 designers, graphic designers, architects, illustrators, artists, web-designers, photographers, filmmakers, performers, dancers, musicians, studio recordings, concert halls, media, laboratories, printing companies, exhibition venues, project-spaces, co-working spaces and educational institutions will open their doors and they will wait for your visit.

How CREATIVE WALK will take place?

1. Guests of CREATIVE WALK will begin their walk from an info-point which will be set up in the downtown area, and will be the starting point. At the info-point each visitor will:

  • obtain its special map containing all the necessary information
  • consult the professional staff on the different options available in order to form his own personal route
  • examine the portfolio and work folders of the participating artists in a special area

2. After their visits guests will be able to go to:

  • venues that host exhibitions, concerts or events that would have been planned for the two days of CREATIVE WALK.
  • cafe, bars or restaurants in the area that will offer special rates to those who display the map of CREATIVE WALK

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