Football as a tourist attraction

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A Π.Α.Ο.Κ. (PAOK) game, especially to a tourist, is an event of a lifetime.  The games are an explosion of energy and extraordinary display of loyalty to the team. The atmosphere in the stadium can be overwhelming, to say the least , but you quickly get used to it and find yourself getting carried away by the chanting crowds and begin cheering along.

Thessaloniki Cuisine: El Correo

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El Correo

Having been characterized as the culinary capital of Greece, Thessaloniki has a huge variety of tastes to offer. Thessaloniki Cuisine is the new permanent blog of in collaboration with the American College of Thessaloniki, which will guide you through the gastronomic streets of the city. First stop, a pick from the International cuisine of Thessaloniki.

REWORKS 2013 – We define our future

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Less than 10 days before Reworks opens for its 9th year its door in Thessaloniki transforming the city into a gathering place of friends of music from all around Greece and beyond. Again this year the pulse of the city will pump electronically for 3 days and nights from September 20th till the 22nd 2013.

Reworks 2013 First Acts & dates Announcement

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Reworks celebrates its 9th version in September, making Thessaloniki for another year the meeting point for music fans from across the country and abroad. Starting from Athens in March and this year’s presentations in London, Berlin, Sofia and Skopje this summer the 9 th edition of the International Music festival Reworks will be held on 20-22 September 2013.