No-budget tips 04-05-06/01

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Kalos & Klio Showroom

The first weekend of 2013 has almost started and it seems that things have calmed down after a week full of celebrations, parties and plenty of festive mood. However, we are loyal to our “duty” and we have prepared a few suggestions for your upcoming Thessaloniki weekend.

Here’s our top 3 ideas for what to get up to in Thessaloniki this weekend, spending little or no money. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Lemonade On Stage @ SPITIMOU.groundfloor

(04/01, 22.00 – Free)
Lemonade on stage is where the blues meet swing, rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues. Entertaining, fun and groovy, influenced by New Orleans story telling, electrifying Chicago sound and soulful rhythm.
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2. A city that forgets its name @ Kalos&Klio showroom

(20/12 – 10/01 – Free)
In the series “A city forgets its name” Alexandros Avramidis photographs his hometown Thessaloniki. But how should you photograph a city like this?
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3. The Greek Monsters @ Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

(08/11 – 27/01 – 4€)
The Beetroot Design Group and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art present the three-dimensional sculptures exhibition “The Greek Monsters”, featuring the Minotaur, the Cyclops, the Stymphalian birds and the rest of the bizarre creatures that haunted heroes’ deeds in ancient Greek mythology.
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