No-budget tips 12-13/01

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Thessaloniki Weekend

A couple of great exhibitions are coming to their end and this weekend is a good chance for all of you to visit them. Moreover, music is always a basic element of “No Budget Tips”…

Here’s our top 3 ideas for what to get up to in Thessaloniki this weekend, spending little or no money. Don’t forget to send us your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Thessaloniki 100+ Architecture and City: Modernizations and Adaptations

(07/12 – 31/01, except Sundays – Free)
The exhibition presents the late and contemporary architecture heritage of Thessaloniki, while investigating its lifelong, multiple identities through the current city image.
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2. The Greek Monsters @ Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

(08/11 – 27/01, Entrance 4€)
The Beetroot Design Group and the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art present the three-dimensional sculptures exhibition “The Greek Monsters”, featuring the Minotaur, the Cyclops, the Stymphalian birds and the rest of the bizarre creatures that haunted heroes’ deeds in ancient Greek mythology.
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3. Chris Child & Chris IDH @ Shark

(13/01, 19.00 – Entrance Free)
Chris Child and Chris IDH, djs and producers of house music. A unique uplifting dj set always with the best SHARKastic mood! Warm-up set by Kostis Zartaloudis.
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