International Students

When a city of 1.3 million inhabitants hosts about 100,000 university and college students from around the world, then it can certainly be described as a student town. Thessaloniki’s 2300-year history, the warmth of its people, the safe environment and the large student community contribute to the creation of a very vivid and vibrant atmosphere, suitable for any prospective, international student.

Why international students “vote” for Thessaloniki

International Students ThessalonikiCosmopolitan yet affordable

Thessaloniki is a lively, cosmopolitan and modern European city. However, it has a relatively low cost of living in comparison to major cities of Great Britain or USA, capable of satisfying the needs of any budget.

International Students ThessalonikiHigh Education Level

Thessaloniki’s public universities and private colleges offer education and research levels that meet the needs of the international community. Universities’ poor ranking is sometimes due to reasons other than educational quality, such as poor marketing or low research funding.

International Students ThessalonikiVibrant nightlife

The high concentration of students results in a large number of entertainment options for young crowds. Crowded cafe-bars, cutting-edge nightclubs and plenty of live music stages forced Lonely Planet to include Thessaloniki in the top-10 party cities of the world.

International Students ThessalonikiDiverse and Multicultural

Crossroad between east and west, Thessaloniki since its establishment, 2300 years ago, has always been a diverse and multicultural city. Even today, students from more than 35 countries come together and interact in a completely safe environment.