Buena Vista Social Club in Thessaloniki

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Buena Vista Social Club in ThessalonikiThe Buena Vista Social Club was one of the most famous member clubs of Havana during the 40′s and a meeting place for some of the most influential musicians of the era. When after 50 years in the mid-90′s, the club finally closed the famous American guitarist Ry Cooder and Cuban musician Juan de Marcos Gonzales inspired the Buena Vista Social Club, a band of traditional Cuban musicians, some of whom were leaders in the legendary club scene when it was at the peak of his success.

The success of Buena Vista Social Club came to prominence in the mid-90s, after the successful film with the same name from Wim Venders, while the international press spoke about the “phenomenon” of Cuban music, which promoted the country’s musicians and rich cultural heritage.

The Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club, the “phenomenon” of Cuban music, returns to Greece for two big concerts on Friday 30/11 in Thessaloniki (Ivanofeio) and Saturday 1/12 in Athens. Τhis time, with the addition of the great Omara Portuondo on vocals, and the original members Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos, Barbarito Torreskai and Guajiro Mirabal to be accompanied by the “elite” of young Cuban musicians: Pedro Pablo, Rolando Luna, Papi Oviedo, Idania Valdés , Carlos Calunga, Filiberto Sanchez, La Noche, Angel Terry, Luis Alemanya and Guajirito Mirabal, the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club promises an unforgettable night to all of those who will attend the event, full of fun, great melodies and dance!

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