Thessaloniki ART Shots: Graffiti

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Thessaloniki is very big in the arts, especially the local arts.  What I mean by “local art” is the graffiti throughout the city whether it be scribbles, words, or giant murals.  It seems to be coming a part of the culture in Thessaloniki and it is definitely a growing and thriving type of art.

Upon arriving in Thessaloniki we, as American students, were taken back by the amount of graffiti on the buildings and kiosks throughout the city.  A sight that we were not used to.  We have come to know and love all of the captivating graffiti all over the city.  Some of it tells a story or gives a message, while some of it is intriguing to look at.  The graffiti is so dynamic with all of the rich colors, designs, and obvious effort that was put into these works.  As a tourist of foreigner in Thessaloniki your eyes get naturally captivated by the graffiti and it awakens your curiosity.

One aspect that certainly encourages graffiti in the city is the Graffiti Shop in the middle of the historic center of the city.   It supplies a variety of the best products and hosts “events and exhibitions [and is] always supportive to pioneering ideas, fresh style, inspired piece of art, done or going to be, by talented, focused, crews or individuals.”

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