Thessaloniki Cuisine: 3 Different Tastes

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Having been characterized as the culinary capital of Greece, Thessaloniki has a huge variety of tastes to offer. Thessaloniki Cuisine is the new permanent blog of in collaboration with the American College of Thessaloniki, which will guide you through the gastronomic streets of the city. Next stop, 3 different Thessaloniki restaurant for all tastes.


Zythos is a greek taverna located in Ladadika, a presently bustling dining district and what remains of the city’s Jewish quarter. The laid back atmosphere or Ladadika and the restaurant itself create a wonderful place for all ages and casual occasions. It provides the option for [heated] outdoor seating or at interior seating surrounded by traditional Greek decor, and many Greek dishes to choose from their varied menu at reasonable prices.


Frutti Di Marre

Frutti Di Marre, which means ‘Fruit of the Sea’ in Italian, was voted the number one seafood restaurant in Thessaloniki. It is located next to the Yahudi Hamam, the ancient baths and the flower market. Greek music is always playing in the background whether it’s by the countless street artists or artists that the restaurant has invited, creating a serene atmosphere. The vast illuminated bath house that looms in the background transports you to a different era of this city’s history and despite the garish lighted sign that advertises the restaurant, the setup is classy and the food is excellent – their specialty of baked olive bread and freshly made hummus is a popular favorite. The congenial waiting staff deliver quick service and make sure your meal is pleasant. It’s no surprise that Frutti Di Marre is so popular, as their ‘fruit of the sea’ is undoubtedly delicious.


Dia Tavta

If you’re searching for a classic Greek tavern experience, Dia Tavta is the perfect choice.  A musician strums the guitar and passionately sings Greek songs and the waiters set fancy tables that beckon you in from the ancient cobblestone street. Located just off of Aristotle Square, this area is filled with taverns and the old stone buildings make it feel like a traditional Greek village. The food is traditional Greek but with a variety of dishes on offer. The meat is prepared perfectly and their seafood and vegetable dishes live up to high standards. The prices are very cheap for the high quality and welcoming atmosphere, creating a quintessential Greek tavern that you just can’t pass up.


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