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El Correo

Having been characterized as the culinary capital of Greece, Thessaloniki has a huge variety of tastes to offer. Thessaloniki Cuisine is the new permanent blog of in collaboration with the American College of Thessaloniki, which will guide you through the gastronomic streets of the city. First stop, a pick from the International cuisine of Thessaloniki.

El Correo: A Taste of Argentina

When you visit Thessaloniki, or Greece for that matter, Argentinian food probably isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. Well, El Correo, will make you feel like an Argentinian in Greece. It is located in a beautiful little street off Aristotle Square, on Katouni 6 and although El Correo’s outdoor dining area is beautiful and relaxing the indoor ambience and atmosphere is exceptional.

The waiting staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. Everyone you encounter at the restaurant speaks very good English and is willing to help and answer any of your questions which was very helpful since we don’t speak Greek. Before deciding what to order for food, we decided to look at what drinks they had. With a huge wine list, it was a little overwhelming picking which one to choose, but the waiters were great at recommending which wine or other beverage would be best suited to the meal.

The food menu is truly mouthwatering. Their specialty: black angus burgers, sounded too good for me to pass up. I tried the Chimichurri burger, and it did not disappoint. It was cooked perfectly; and every flavor was palpable, it was nice to finally have a quality burger in Thessaloniki. The specialty burgers are pretty affordable and for such high-grade meat, it’s worth every euro. I also was lucky enough to try the filet mignon, which was also cooked perfectly to medium rare. Their pizza was equally tasty although I would recommend having a steak or burger if you decide to eat out at El Correo.

The menu is as diverse as it is tasty and the beautiful atmosphere in this ideal part of the city makes El Correo a top destination when exploring the cuisine of Thessaloniki. So, whether you want a relaxing lunch or a sumptuous dinner, El Correo is a great choice. Thessaloniki is lucky to have the taste of Argentina in its quarters.


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