Thessaloniki Cuisine: For your relaxing weekend evenings

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Lazy Lizard Thessaloniki

Having been characterized as the culinary capital of Greece, Thessaloniki has a huge variety of tastes to offer. Thessaloniki Cuisine is the new permanent blog of in collaboration with the American College of Thessaloniki, which will guide you through the gastronomic streets of the city. Next stop, 2 beautiful places for your relaxing weekend evenings.

The Lazy Lizard Café

The Lazy Lizard Café, located at the intersection of Vas Olgas and Nea Paralia, is the perfect place to spend a relaxing Saturday afternoon if you’re looking for a quiet and polished atmosphere and some delicious brunch food to snack on. The Lazy Lizard, with its seafront view, is mostly a sandwich and omlette kind of café, with different juices, coffees and teas on offer during the afternoon hours. Come dinner time however, the café transitions to a restaurant and carries the signature Greek salad and a mix of European cuisine dishes, each made to order and cooked to perfection. The prices are a little steep, but the Lazy Lizard is definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area.



In Thessaloniki, you can’t walk two blocks without passing a bakery or pastry shop with a crepe skillet displayed in the window. However, amongst the many crepe shops available, there is one delicious bakery that certainly “takes the crepe”. Creco, located right next to Aristotelous Square, is home to quite possibly the best crepes in all of Thessaloniki. They offer every filling you could dream up, from fresh fruits to Caprice chocolate sticks to traditional Greek yogurt. When walking up towards the ruins, you can’t miss the giant jars of Nutella that line the display window and the smiling faces of the three men that work there every day. Creco has everything you’re looking for: a great location in the heart of the city, a friendly staff, and crepes worth dying for!



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