Thessaloniki Food Festival Upcoming Events

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Thessaloniki Food Festival

Thessaloniki Food Festival keeps going with new events and actions approaching the gastronomic identity of the city.

Thessaloniki Food Festival suggests a number of interesting activities designed to highlight the flavors of local products and gastronomy of Thessaloniki.

“The neighborhoods of Tastes”

December 27, 18.00-21.00
This is a new activity for the renewed Thessaloniki Food Festival with the ambition to become a tourist attraction with a keen interest in the gastronomic history of Thessaloniki. Three historic neighborhoods of Thessaloniki, Diagonal district, Ladadika and Tsinari (Ano Poli) participate in this street celebration. The shop owners of these areas will offer tasty food to the visitors in an effort to highlight the gastronomic diversity of the city.

“Ef Zin of Old Thessaloniki”

December 29 & January 12
We travel back in time and to the well-being (Ef zin) of the old Thessaloniki with a  tour starting at Ladadika and  ending at the White Tower. The tours, which are made ​​in collaboration with the Association of Thessaloniki Tour Guides, include references to historic parts of the city such as hotels, cinemas, dining and entertainment places, and information about the gastronomy of from the 19th century until today. Participation is free and up to 70 people can participate in priority order.
Meeting Point: Thessaloniki Port, Dock A  entrance
Departure Time: 10.00 am
How to participate: Phone registration +30 2310 878211 & +30 2310 878213

“The Kids in the Kitchen”

Children take back their chef seats  in creative  gastronomic workshops. Through an interactive program that will take place in primary school of various municipalities, children will have the opportunity to create their own dishes under the guidance of experts and learn the secrets of healthy diet.
Following actions: 19 & 20 January 2013
Information – Reservations (for primary school children)
T: +30 2310 878211, +30 2310 878213 & +30 2310 878214

“We learn the Tastes”

January 26
The event will be held in the multipurpose event room of the Town Hall. Guests will have the opportunity to attend workshops, to learn about the places and ways of producing local dishes accompanied by matching wines. In addition, there will be the first presentation of the guide “Thessaloniki Gourmet Tours”. Thessaloniki Food Festival creates a printed tourism guide, “Thessaloniki Gourmet Tours”, with proposals for gastronomic routes around the city of Thessaloniki, and neighboring areas with gastronomic and wining interest. The aim of this guide is to offer the visitors excuses to prolong their stay in Thessaloniki.

Moreover, “Eating Out Every Tuesday” will keep going in 2013.