Thessaloniki Independent Record Stores

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Thessaloniki Independent Record Stores

It would be very weird if a city like Thessaloniki with such a musical legacy didn’t have good independent record shops, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, there are plenty for us to brag about and for you to search out.

Despite mp3 and file-sharing predominancy on music industry, there are plenty of loyal fans holding the actual vinyl or plastic in their hands. These are who keep independent record stores of Thessaloniki alive. We round up five of the best of them, always in our opinion.

1. Lotus Record Shop (

Lotus Record Shop have first opened in December 1990 and it remains up to date a standard reference point to local music enthusiasts. Specialising in certain styles, yet covering a broad range of genres, its mission is to support several aspects of the underground music industry. Through CD and vinyl imports from various places across the globe, Lotus aims to portray a clear picture of the most interesting records. Despite the fragmentation and saturation caused both by the immense production of music and the speed of information exchange, the Lotus team carefully selects and suggests the most eclectic sounds from each music genre.

2. On Stage Records (

The story begins many years ago back in the carefree adolescence days of On Stage Records founder member. Like most of the teenagers around, collecting records was the major target dream. As the time goes by, 2001 is the blast-year where this enthusiasm and passion for music gives birth to the establishment of an independent record label. Today, after 10 years of its presence, On Stage Records is one of the most important independent rock’n’roll record labels in Greece with plenty of productions and releases on regular basis. It is also home label of local and international bands. Some other main activities are promotional concerts of the label’s bands as well as the organization of “White Boppin’ Tower” festival which takes place in Thessaloniki. On Stage Records has now expanded its activity by running a major mailorder of thousands titles (mainly on vinyl) in various genres. It is quite sure that the variety of titles along with the reliability of the service provided will meet the requirements and satisfaction of the buyers internationally.

3. Stereodisc (

Thessaloniki was always famous for its excellent musical taste. The small shop on Aristotelous square has contributed decades to it. In Stereodisc certainly you will expand your sounds and no matter how much “stuck up” you are with music you will always find something new.

4. Noise (

Noise Records, with almost 20 years of operation is one of the few stores in Thessaloniki specializing in modern foreign music (dance, indie, alternative).

5. Vinyl Mania (

Vinyl Mania specializes in Greek and International vinyl music in rare LPs and 45 rpm vinyl music records. Vinyl Mania started on 1998 as a traditional record store. Since 2005 it is operating as an online store also in order to correspond to the demands of the customers for a faster and reliable service. In this store you will be able to find a vast variaty of vinyl records, mainly from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. All of the records are accompanied by a warranty and returning possibility.

Share with us your favorite Thessaloniki Thessaloniki independent record stores and we will keep updating this post.