Thessaloniki will host the World Rowing Coastal Championship 2014

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Thessaloniki World Rowing Coastal Championship 2014

Thessaloniki was chosen to host the World Rowing Coastal Championship, to be held from 17 – 19 October 2014. The decision was taken during the congress of the World Rowing Federation in Copenhagen.

Co-organizers will be the Greek Rowing Federation and the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which were present in Denmark with their representatives that stated:

It is an international organization that brings growth in rowing tourism and will attract a new group of tourists in the city of Thessaloniki. It will also create the conditions for the development of rowing for all in many areas of Greece, and will be an important opportunity to develop coastal rowing that requires calm water and is suitable for all seasons and it is recommended to everyone, even those who are not athletes. (John Carras, President of Greek Rowing Federation)

Within the next few months the first meetings will be held within the staff of the municipality of Thessaloniki in order to define the time framework and all the details for a successful organization. The World Rowing Coastal Championship will take place at the sea area between the City Hall and Thessaloniki Port.

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