Kerkini Lake & Lailias

Kerkini Lake

Kerkini Lake was created in 1932 after the construction of the dam in the area of Lithotopos, and is protected by the Ramsar Convention while is a region of the European network “Natura 2000”. It is truly one of the most important wetlands in Europe, with a remarkable fauna and flora, shelter for 276 recorded species of birds (68% of the species that exist in Greece), 70 of which are considered protected for the European Union. The lake’s waters are home to more than 30 fish species while at the nearby forest lives the greatest number of buffalo in Greece (500) and many other mammals. Given all these, it is easily understood that a large number of scientists and amateurs are visiting Kerkini Lake for their studies. Moreover, Kerkini Lake is the ideal place for environmental education and ecotourism activities such as horse riding, canoe-kayak, trekking, bird watching, fishing and jeep tours.

Lailias Ski Center

Lailias Ski Center is located in a forest of oaks and pines and at an altitude of 1600 – 1847m. Despite the relatively average altitude it is characterized by very good snow conditions that lasts 3 1/2 to 4 months (late November to mid-March), combined with the excellent condition of the slopes, the forest area where it is located and the ease of accessibility makes it particularly popular within visitors from the prefecture of Thessaloniki. In the main ski slope lighting facilities have been installed making it available for night skiing, which creates a unique atmosphere between the dense forest. Lailias Ski Center operates on Friday – Saturday – Sunday and on all public holidays.

Alistrati Cave (

Alistrati Cave, operating since 1998, is considered one of the largest and most beautiful caves not only in Greece but also in Europe, because of its extremely rare and beautiful decor with stalactites, stalagmites and the very rare ekkentrites. The length of the route is about 3km, of which only 1km is accessible from the visitor. However, there is an information center, with a capacity of 25 people, which shows in a 3D presentation the rest of the cave that is not accessible and some others sightseeing of the region.

Agistro Thermal Baths

Agistro Thermal Baths (Agistro Hamam, Agistro Thermal Springs) are located just before the Greek – Bulgarian borders and approximately 125km from Thessaloniki. The waters that spring there have a temperature of 41 degrees C and are suitable for treating rheumatism, arthritis, discopathy, muscle aches etc. Apart from the Byzantine hamam dating around 950 – 1100 AD, there are 8 more baths and modern facilities for massages and facial or body treatments. It’s definitely recommended to book your bath before visiting Agistro (+30 23230 41296) as it is quite busy even at night.

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