Pella, Pozar & Kaimaktsalan

After 45km driving on Thessaloniki – Edessa highway you will encounter Pella, a famous archaeological site of the kingdom of Macedonia. 32km away you will reach Skydra junction, where you can head towards Aridea and the Pozar Thermal Springs or towards Edessa with its majestic waterfalls. Mountain Kaimaktsalan (or Voras) and the ski resort is only 45km away from Edessa.


King Archelaos chose Pella to replace Aigai (Vergina) for the capital of the Macedonian Kingdom, at the end of the 5th – beginning of the 4th century BC, due to economic and political reasons. Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great, reached its peak during the Hellenistic period (the second half of the 4th, 3rd and 2nd centuries BC) when it was not only the capital of the Macedonian state but also a bustling commercial center. In 168/167 BC, the Romans conquered Pella and after the creation of the Roman province of Macedonia in 148 BC, with Thessaloniki as its capital, Pella lost its political importance but continued to prosper until it was destroyed by an earthquake probably in the early 1st century BC. The first excavations at Pella (1957-1964) revealed several houses with mosaic floors and parts of the palace, while recent excavations (1976 to present) unearthed the agora, parts of the palace, more houses, parts of the fortification walls, sanctuaries and cemeteries. At the northeast part of the archaeological site, a new archaeological museum of 6.000sq.m. has been constructed, and houses finding from Ancient Pella and the surrounding region from the prehistoric to roman era.

Pozar Thermal Springs

Pozar Thermal Springs (Pozar Baths or Loutra Pozar) are located 1okm from Aridea and 100km from Thessaloniki. At the foot of Mountain Kaimaktsalan, Pozar Thermal Baths comprise 48 individual baths, 6 indoor pools, the outdoor pool (12x25m), hamams, jacuzzi and spa services, ready to offer its visitors the absolute relaxation and revitalization. The thermal spring of Pozar, are springing at an altitude of 360 -390m and are created by rain water that penetrates the soil, where it is heated (37 degrees C), rises higher and in its course is enriched with minerals and other ingredients, and are recommended for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory system, rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. The facilities of the complex which are organized as a big spa resort with hotels, swimming pools, changing rooms, restaurants and bars, in combination with the natural beauty, the local attractions and the various outdoor activities (trekking, hiking etc.) makes Pozar Thermal Baths one of the finest destinations near Thessaloniki for excursions during all four seasons.

Kaimaktsalan (

Kaimaktsalan (or Voras) ski resort is located 45km from Edessa, a beautiful city where you can visit the famous waterfalls. Kaimaktsalan is constructed at the third higher mountain of Greece with an altitude of 2524m, and it is the higher winter sports center of Greece with facilities starting at 2018m and finishing at 2480m. It is equipped with facilities of artificial snow that ensures the functional operation of a significant number of ski slopes during the winter period for its visitors.

Pella, Pozar & Kaimaktsalan Photogallery