Thessaloniki MuseumsArchaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

6 Manoli Andronikou St, GR 546 21 (show map)

The Museum’s collections include distinctive works of art and excavation finds from across Macedonia, as the archaeological service was the first state service to operate in Thessaloniki immediately after the liberation of the city.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsMuseum of Byzantine Culture

2 Stratou Avenue, GR 546 40 (show map)

The Museum of Byzantine Culture aims in presenting various aspects of life during the byzantine and post-byzantine periods: art, ideology, social structure and religion, and how historical changes and the political situation were affecting people’s life.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsWhite Tower Museum

Leoforos Nikis Av, GR 546 21 (show map)

The new permanent exhibition at the White Tower, dedicated to the city of Thessaloniki and housed in the monument-symbol of the city, opened its doors to the public. The exhibition presents aspects of the history of Thessaloniki through time.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsFolklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia

68 Vasilissis Olgas St, GR 546 42 (show map)

The F.E.M.M. explores and studies the traditional culture of recent times in the region of N. Greece. It gathers, preserves, safeguards and records the material evidence of that past, making it available to the public for study, instruction and amusement.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsThessaloniki History Center

Ippodromiou Sq, GR 546 21 (show map)

The primary goal of the Thessaloniki History Center is to collect, record, save and conserve of historical written, printed or audio-visual material that is linked directly or indirectly with the histiry of Thessaloniki and Macedonia in general.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsSt Demetrius Crypt Museum

83 Agiou Dimitriou St, GR 546 31 (show map)

The museum contains early Christian sculptures of the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries found in the church, Byzantine sculpture from the church, dated to the 11th-14th centuries, and various excavation finds, dated to the 5th-14th centuries.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsMuseum of Macedonian Struggle

23 Proxenou Koromila St, GR 546 22 (show map)

The purpose of the museum is both to preserve and disseminate the memory of the Greek struggle for the liberation of Macedonia and secondly, the scientific study of modern history and cultural identity of Macedonia.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsJewish Museum of Thessaloniki

13 Agiou Mina St, GR 546 24 (show map)

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki was founded to honour the rich and creative Sephardic heritage as it evolved in the city after the 15th century. The Museum houses items from the permanent collections as well as photograph displays.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsState Museum of Contemporary Art

21 Kolokotroni St, GR 564 30 & Warehouse B1, Thesssaloniki Port (show map)

The State Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 1997 and has been steadily and dynamically developing, since then. Today, it is one of the most prominent foundations that hosts and projects works of modern and contemporary art.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsMacedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

154 Egnatia St, GR 564 36 (show map)

The Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the three contemporary art museums in Thessaloniki and covers every aspect of contemporary art since 1979, when it was founded after a donation of 47 works of art.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsCinema Museum

Warehouse A, Thessaloniki Port, GR 541 10 (show map)

The Cinema Museum is housed in a landmark warehouse on the first wh­arf of t­h­­e­­ ­po­rt ­of Th­essaloniki, at the end of the old avenue along the waterfront, not far away from Aristotelous Square in the center of the city.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsMuseum of Photography

Warehouse A, Thessaloniki Port, GR 541 10 (show map)

The Museum of Photography is the only state-run museum in Greece under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism dedicated exclusively to photography, celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2008.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsOlympic Museum

Agiou Dimitriou & 3rd Septemvriou, GR 546 36 (show map)

Olympic Museum is housed in a modern building of 4.500 square meters, which consists of four exhibition halls. The aim of the establishment of the Olympic Museum was to impress the athletic history of the country.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsScience Center & Technology Museum, NOESIS

6 Km Thessaloniki – Thermi, GR 570 01 (show map)

The Science Center & Technology Museum, NOESIS, is a welfare, non-profit cultural and training foundation that promotes technology culture and creates an appropriate enviroment for informing the public of the latest developments in the field.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsWar Museum of Thessaloniki

4 Grigoriou Lambraki St, GR 546 36 (show map)

War Museum was established on the 27th October 2000 and is housed in a edifice located on Pedion tou Areos, very close to the city center. It was designed in 1900 by Vitaliano Posseli and has been renovated in order to house the War Museum.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsBalkan Wars Museum

Gefyra, GR 570 11 (show map)

The museum was founded in 1999 in Gefyra, a village 25 km from Thessaloniki. The building was used on October 25, 1912 for the negotiations between the Greeks and the Ottomans for the peaceful delivery of Thessaloniki to the Greek army.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsMuseum of Ancient, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Musical Instruments

12-14 Katouni St., GR 546 25 (show map)

The museum is housed in Ladadika, in a restored three-storey building and comprises more than 2oo instruments from 2800 BC until the early 20th century.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsWater Supply Museum

49 26th Octobriou St., GR 546 27 (show map)

The building that houses the museum used to serve as the central Thessaloniki Water Supply Company pumping station. The construction of the building began in 1890 and was completed in 1892 with materials brought from Belgium.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsAtaturk Museum

75 Apostolou Pavlou St., GR 546 34 (show map)

Ataturk Museum is housed in the building where Kemal Ataturk, the “father of Turks”, was born and is located behind the Turkish Consulate. In 1935 the house was given by the municipal council of Thessaloniki to the Turkish state and became a museum.
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Thessaloniki MuseumsRailway Museum

7B Nea Monastiriou St., GR 563 34 (show map)

The museum is located at the west side of Thessaloniki, approximately 500 m after the overpass bridge of Monastiriou st. to the exit of the city and is housed in the renovated building of the former Military Station of OSE.
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119 Nea Monastiriou St. (Melissari Hall), GR 563 34 (show map)

A magical journey into the true microcosm of insects and reptiles.
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