Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki is housed in one of the rare Jewish structures that survived the fire of 1917. Located in the very heart of Thessaloniki, this imposing building has at times housed the Bank of Athens and the offices of the Jewish newspaper “L’ Independent” and is a silent witness to the great Jewish presence that once filled its streets with the language of Cervantes, redolent with the odours of the kitchens of Seville and Toledo, silent from Friday to Saturday during Shabbat.

The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki has evolved out of this complicated matrix of historical circumstances. It is but one of several endeavours created within the structure of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki in a building renovated by the Cultural Capital of Europe Organization “Thessaloniki 1997”. The Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki incorporates artifacts from its permanent collections, photographic exhibitions and the Simon Marks Photographic Exhibition “Thessaloniki, Sephardic Metropolis”.

A research and documentation center operates within the premises, which aims to document and digitize archival documents from the Museum’s own collection as well as archival material from other sources, thus creating a database accessible to visitors.