Museum of Photography

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is the only state-run museum in Greece under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism dedicated exclusively to photography, celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2008. Its mission on local, national and international level is realised:

• By planning and executing exhibition series, such as “The four elements of nature and man” as well as by hosting and exporting exhibitions around Greece and abroad.

• By creating archives and collections entrusted to the museum by photographers and by proceeding in digitalizing and documenting them in order to preserve, conserve and promote them, as well as by conducting research and salvaging works from external sources.

• By publishing books, catalogues and informational material and by organizing educational programmes to cultivate in a systematic way public knowledge about the photographic medium.

• By organizing the Photobiennale, the evolution of the international photography meeting Photosynkyria and by enriching the platform for dialogue through portfolio reviews, the establishment of prizes and the organization of meetings.

• By developing parallel activities to form a core of cultural movement in cooperation with others and

• By creating a meeting place where art converses with everyday life and the pictures are accompanied by words in the series “Words and Images”.

Through all these activities the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography attempts to respond not only to its mission but also to its role which is gradually becoming even more complex in this society of “image”, by cultivating the eye of the public, by offering a beginner’s guide to our visual environment and, ultimately, by showing us how to “read” the images so that we familiarise ourselves with all its uses: in communication, in photojournalism, in documentary photography, and, above all, in art.