Olympic Museum

Thessaloniki Olympic Museum is housed in a modern building of 4.500 square meters, which consists of four exhibition halls, permanent exhibition devoted to the Olympic Games, permanent interactive machine exhibition entitled “The Science of Sports”, permanent interactive exhibition room with a track and field stadium simulation and finally an exhibition hall for temporary displays.

The aim that led to the establishment of the Thessaloniki Olympic Museum was to impress the athletic history of the country and to cover the absence that appeared to be in Greece. At the same time, basic intention was to create a vivid place, where the museum information will motivate the public to participate and will proceed the healthy aspects of athletism.

Specifically, aim of the Thessaloniki Olympic Museum is the conservation of sport heritage and the promotion of the cultural side of sport, missions that are accomplished in actual fact through permanent or temporary exhibitions, main feature of which is the information and communication with the public of Thessaloniki but also the wider area.