Railway Museum

Thessaloniki Railway Museum is located at the west side of Thessaloniki, approxamately 500 m after the overpass bridge of Monastiriou st. to the exit of the city and is housed in the renovated building of the former Military Station of OSE. The building had been constructed at the end of the 19th century (in particular from 1891 until 1894) when the city was part of the Ottoman Empire. It had been designed by the Italian architect Pierro Arigoni who had also designed the Casa Bianca building during 1911.

In the station-master’s office inside the station building there is a map with all Greek railway lines marked on it, railway workers’ uniforms, railway workmen’s tools, personal belongings, technical manuals and details of all old steam engines and diesel engines belonging to the Greek railways. Thessaloniki Railway Museum is also home to some of the furnishings from the carriages of the former Greek royal family. In the museum courtyard there is a restaurant carriage from the renowned Orient Express, which is open to visitors.