Science Center & Technology Museum, NOESIS

The Science Center & Technology Museum, NOESIS Thessaloniki, is a welfare, non-profit cultural and training foundation that promotes technology culture and creates an appropriate enviroment for informing the public of the latest developments in science and technology.

NOESIS is a direct descendant of the Technical Museum of Thessaloniki. Since November 2004, it has operated in a privately-owned, brand-new 15,000 sq.m. building, located in the greater Thermi area, whose morphology refers to the lever of Archimedes (3d century B.C.). The Center aims to become a leading attraction in the field of Science Culture and Technology not only in Greece, but in South-Eastern Europe as well.

The main objective of the Noesis Thessaloniki is the popularization of modern knowledge and its dissemination to the public through exhibitions, movies, seminars and lectures. The brand name of the Center intends to emphasize the connection between its operation and human noesis, since the intention of its founders was to make scientific knowledge available to everybody.