White Tower Museum

The new permanent exhibition at the White Tower Museum, dedicated to the city of Thessaloniki and housed in the monument-symbol of the city, opened its doors to the public.

The exhibition, organized by the Museum of Byzantine Culture, presents aspects of the history of Thessaloniki through time, thus providing the visitors with a better insight of the city, its monuments and museums. The goal of the exhibition is not to turn the city into a museum, but to introduce it to its visitors and its citizens, creating a new and essential relationship between the people and the city.

The new White Tower Museum aims at becoming the starting point for a tour of Thessaloniki, without, however, undermining other museums. Additionally, from a museographic point of view, the exhibition’s design fully respects the monument’s unique architectural identity. Therefore, the exhibition neither competes with nor hides the monument; on the contrary, it reveals and stresses its beauty.