Muslim Buildings


The Bezesteni is a rectangular building covered by six domes originally lined with lead. The Bezesteni was and still is a market hall. This covered market place was built by Vayazit II at the end of the 15th century and constituted for many years the center of commercial life for Thessaloniki. As it is stated, the Bezesteni was built to provide protection for the most valuable merchandise, such as the finest clothes and gold goods. This was where it got its name from, Bezesteni, meaning "clothes market". It is most interesting that over the centuries the original character and function of the place has not been lost.

Hamza Bey Mosque

This building accommodated until lately the Alkazar Cinema. it was built in 1467 and was added and repaired in subsequent periods. At the moment it is restored as it is planned to form a metro station.

Alatza Imaret Mosque

Built in 1484, today the building is used for cultural events and exhibitions. It belongs in the category of early Ottoman mosques, which covered other needs besides the religious, such as providing food, accommodation, a meeting place for monastic orders etc. It was named Alatza Imaret (meaning colourfull poor house) both due to the coloured oval stones which decorated the minaret and to the poor house which functioned next to it.

Geni Mosque (Yeni Jami)

Yeni Jami was built in 1901-02 and nowadays is used by the Municipality for cultural events. It used to house the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (hence the name of the street).

Bey Hamam

The Turkish baths (hamam) were in operation until quite recently under the name "Paradise".

Pasha Hamam

At the junction of Peneiou, Kalvou and P. Karatza streets (Agioi Apostoloi district), just above Dimokratias square. These Turkish baths were in operation until quite recently under the name "Phoenix". They were built in 1520-1530.

Pazar Hamam (Yahoudi Hamam)

The building of the Turkish baths once housed here now hosts a charming flower market ("Louloudadika"). It was built in the first half of the 16th century and is currently undergoing restoration work.

Geni Hamam

At the corner of Cassandrou and Agiou Nikolaou streets, next to Saint Demetrius. Built in the 16th century, the building used to house the Aigli Cinema and afterwards the Aigli Restaurant, which also had a live music stage.