Port, Ladadika & Food Markets

Dock A of Thessaloniki Port was constructed in the late 19th century. Now, you can find the old warehouses that accommodate the Museum of Photography, the Cinema Museum, the State Museum of Contemporary Art and various cultural activities such as the International Film Festival. The dock was reconstructed during 2011 and it has become an exceptional walking and relaxation area with view of the whole seafront of Thessaloniki.

Eleftherias square, which is just opposite the port, is the starting point of many buses and during the 40’s was the gathering place of many Jews of the city, that’s why you can find there a relative monument. Few meters away you can observe the Stein building and its famous globe on the roof, a structure of 1908 and of the few that survived the fire of 1917.

Western of Eleftherias square you will find the Ladadika district, which was the port market with plenty of oil shops (thus the name) and shops that sold spices. The area is now remodeled and houses a vast number of taverns and restaurants, as wells as cafes, bars and clubs. However, Ladadika does not only offer dining and drinking opportunities but also two very interesting museums, the Museum of Ancient Greek, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Instruments and the Jewish Museum. Crossing Egnatia street you will go through the Frankish Quarter or Valaoritou District as it is lately called. The dozens of bars opened here the last years has transformed the neighborhood to the center of Thessaloniki’s nightlife.

From the Franskish Quarter, Ermou is the street that will lead you to the famous food markets of Thessaloniki, Modiano and Vlali flea market (or Kapani). Modiano is mainly a meat market with some grocery stores, but also accommodates a few taverns and traditional “fast-food” for hasty visitors of the city center. Just across the street Vlali (or Kapani) market is located which mainly offers fresh fish, spices and milk products. Undoubtedly, shopping in these markets is one of the most unique experiences you can have in Thessaloniki.



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