Weekend Destinations 15-16.11.14

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And we’re back for week five of Weekend destinations! We got another round of things to make your weekend in Thessaloniki another great one!

1. The Church of Agios Dimitrios

Come check out an authentic look at mid Byzantine architecture by visiting the Church of St. Demetrios, or Hagios Demetrios, this weekend! This Church was originally constructed in the early 4th century AD to replace a Roman bath house. Though this massive Church was destroyed by fires several times, it was finally constructed as a large Basilica. Inside the building there is a large hexagonal shrine covered in silver. This shrine seems to be built as some sort of symbolic tomb for St. Demetrios who was martyered on this site. The Church is also known for the beautiful mosaics and artwork decorating throughout. Underneath the Church lays the ancient crypts where the St. Demetrios was killed. This unique building is considered one of the most beautiful and interesting in all of Thessaloniki!
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2. War Museum of Thessaloniki

While the weather in Thessaloniki may not be the best this weekend, the city still has too many things to do!  One amazing and unique thing this weekend is the War Museum featuring exhibits dating from pre revolutionary times all the way up through WWII.  Yet the most unique thing this weekend, the World War One exhibit, a war which began 100 years ago and ended 96 years ago this past week.  What better way to spend a weekend indoors than revelling at the history of the city itself, of the struggles, perils, fears and hopes of an entire nation as they go through the savagery of the Great War.  Located right in the city center it is not only interesting and educational, it is also easy to find.  From the white tower there are many signs pointing the way to this spot.
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3. Insectopia

Perhaps something interesting, exciting, maybe even a little scary is what you are looking for this weekend.  Well then, we have the place for you.  The insect museum of Thessaloniki!  Insectopia is located a bit of a ways from the city center yet it is easy to get to by bus, right along a central route and in a building you just simply  can not miss.  This might be because on the inside are insects ranging from ants (About 13 different species of them!) to butterflies, bees, and even some reptiles.  Each of these animals are located in an exhibit meant to highlight their natural habitat, their innate yet under represented beauty, and of course provide amazing photo ops for what you did while in Thessaloniki.
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