EnjoyThessaloniki.com is the portal to Thessaloniki, providing its visitors with everything they need to know to travel, live, do business and be part of a wide variety of cultural activities in Thessaloniki.

Our present main goal lies in promoting the city, in making both native or foreign visitors and citizens of Thessaloniki acquainted with its monuments, with the history and culture, with the events and lifestyle of the city, in collecting and providing quality and objective information and providing tourism and travel-related services for visitors in the best available price.

However, our vision is much broader and includes among others:

  • To build our own unique network which will connects us directly to the suppliers
  • To motivate travel professionals with the prospect of
    • Tour Operators to think of Thessaloniki as an essential destination when visiting Southern Europe
    • Conference Organizers  to highlight and exploit the talent of Thessaloniki for business tourism
    • Tourism Journalists to reveal Thessaloniki’s real potential by giving them material for fascinating articles
  • To make widely- known the rich heritage of the city and the pleasure of living “Thessaloniki way”
  • To support or organize major festivals, cultural or sports events that make Thessaloniki a city where something is always going on
  • To produce and design multimedia, brochures, products and items that make people want to be in Thessaloniki

We know the business, we love our city!


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